Are Assets in Master Slides Reloaded Every Page?

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Hello E-Heroes

Brief Overview: A major client has asked us to create them HTML5 compliant courses – Articulate Mobile is not an option since they will have this deployed on their LMS server. On top of that, they’re going to have iPad 2s, so unfortunately our lowest common denominator is Mobile Safari…….yay…..

I’ve spent this week creating a custom player that would hopefully entice the client to go ahead and choose Storyline (another competitor is using Adobe Captivate 6).

The biggest issues I am experiencing on Mobile Safari are delays in revealing assets. Going from slide to slide by using the navigational buttons (Prev/Next) takes approximately 3-5 seconds for the slide to change. The client wasn’t entirely too impressed on the loading time because of the lack of preloader in Mobile Safari. To work around this, I created a Loader layer to show a simple graphic before going to the next page, so…so far so good.

One of my questions would be: “Do assets contained in Master Pages get reloaded every slide?”

I have a Table of Contents layer in my master slide that contains 3 image assets, weighing in at a whopping 270 KB. It is very slow to load, takes 3-4 times of pressing the hotspot to make it show. Once it loads however, closing and re-opening the TOC is instantaneous…which is great. Unfortunately, when you go to another slide, it seems like it reloads the assets, because again it takes 3-4 times of pressing the hotspot to show the TOC, and subsequent times on the same slide it is pretty much instant.

Is there a possible workaround for this, or somewhere where I can place the TOC where it won’t have to reload at every slide? The client seems to be rather impatient and the wait times are currently the main reason why he is thinking about going to another authoring tool. He is also disappointed about the lack of gestures in Mobile Safari….but I’m trying to work around that by using scroll panes.

Thank you sooooo much in advance for reading this. I’m hitting a brick wall and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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