Hiding the TOC on master slide leaves hit area

Jul 06, 2017

We have created a Storyline 2 project having 10 sides. We have also created a layer called TOC in the master slide and a Menu button to toggle the TOC layer. On clicking the Menu button the TOC layer gets visible. Clicking on any items on the TOC, takes the user to the desired slide and the TOC gets hide. Also if we do not click any item and just click outside the TOC, then we have programmed such way that the TOC hides. Now the issue is that when we click anywhere outside the TOC, the TOC hides but the hit area remains on screen. That means even if the TOC is closed, clicking on the location where the TOC items were visible, takes the user to the relevant slide. This only happens when the user clicks outside of the TOC when the TOC is visible. This doesn’t occur if the user clicks any item to jump to another slide.

Please share any suggestion. Thanks

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Michael Bauer

Hi Cibin

I tried this in Storyline 360 (I know you have Storyline 2) and it works fine.


I opened the menu, and closed it by clicking not in the blue menu area, and the menu closed, leaving me on the same screen. If I click where the menu used to be, nothing happens.

Perhaps this is just a Storyline 2 "thing"? Also try it in Tempshare and on your LMS to see if it only happens in Preview mode.

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