Are Hotspots or transparent shapes Accessible?

Feb 11, 2022

Can anyone tell me if hotspots are accessible in Storyline360? I can't find a list of accessible interactions for SL like the Rise Roadmap. If hotspots can't be used, is the only option to use a transparent shape?

Thank you.

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Tom Kuhlmann

There are features in Storyline that are used to make content accessible, such as the focus order and adding closed captions and alt text. However, when the course author creates something, it's the author's responsibility to make it "accessible."

For example: the assistive technology like a screen reader reads the content as designed on that slide. You'd have to figure out how you want the content read. Such as do I hide the image from the screen reader or not. What alt text goes in. 

We have a good webinar coming up this week where Sarah shows how to create a drag and drop interaction that is accessible. Sign up for it so you get access to the recording and resources.