Arial Font Issue

We're having a bit of trouble with Arial presenting differently on a couple of different computers. Not heard of this happening with any other software before and not with Arial!

You can see from the attachments, how it is supposed to look, set to Arial 12. But then how it looks on just one, rogue computer, also set to Arial 12! The text here seems to be wider and is causing the text to drop onto a second line. This happens in the editor as well as in a published file.

Is it worth replacing Arial to see if this would fix it, or is there something else which could be causing this issue?

We're not sure quite what the issue could be. 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ben,

You may also want to check that the users are viewing it on the same DPI setting as Storyline needs to use a DPI setting of 96 as described here. If you're using Storyline 1, I'd also confirm that you're using the slide zoom of 100% as viewing it at a different zoom could cause it to display differently. 

Brett Rockwood

It could also be a kerning issue. If you used a bunch of spaces (typed the space bar) to separate the letters at the top instead of placing each as a separate text box I think you might be encountering a known issue with kerning (letter spacing) with Arial and Storyline. Simplest solution would be separate text boxes for each letter. That would also allow you to get rid of the hotspots and just put triggers on each text box.