arrangement of frames

Dec 24, 2016



Till now I have been using the concept of layers when there are multiple clickables within a frame. however, If I do not want to use layers but instead I want the clicakble frames to be placed separately, then what should I do? I mean what triggers do I apply?


PFA the screenshot for your reference. Red rectangle denotes main frame and the green boxes denote the clickable layers. The bigger image denotes the arrangement of the frames on the left-hand panel.


Please let me know if I have left any aspect unexplained.



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Walt Hamilton

I look at your screenshot, and it looks like it is doing everything you want. I suspect you are using triggers to change the state of items from hidden to normal.

If everything isn't solved, maybe you could attach that slide here with an explanation of what you want the user to do and what you want to have happen when they do it. I'm sure somebody here can help you if you do that.

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