Articulate 1 - How to edit the two states of an image to switch the two around, one of which is 'Normal'

I have a rather complex activity, with many images and triggers.

The client has requested that the two states images be switched around, which would be massive job, changing all of the triggers.

I've tried doing this in 'Editing States', but although I can duplicate states with a  different name, I cannot delete, rename or overwrite the 'Normal' state image, so therefor I cannot replace it.

Can anyone suggest a fix? I would've thought reassigning the states would be simple...

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Brian Allen

so I created a new state, selected the new state while editing states, and deleted the image on the slide for the new state.  I went to your "correct" state, copied the image on the slide, went to my new state and pasted it.  Next I selected your normal state, copy.  go back to your correct state, select the image on the slide, delete it and paste the image I copied from your normal state.  I then went to the new state, copied the image from the slide, selected the normal state, delete the image there and paste.  Finally, delete the new state and finish editing states.