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Aug 07, 2017

I have a slide with two image buttons. Each has three States: Normal, Hover, Selected. Clicking on each image brings up respective layers that can be closed out.

The slide is considered complete when the learner clicked each image (image is in selected State).

I created a T/F variable to determine Slide completion based on the image State.

I then created two slide triggers:

  1. Set variable to False when timeline starts if the images state is "not selected"
  2. Set variable to True when timeline starts if both images' State is "elected.

When testing this, I can't advance to the next slide. everything else seems to work.

Any thoughts?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Eitan

When you use layers on a slide, the timeline of the base layer doesn't restart so you can't use the 'when timeline starts' trigger.  

My first thought would be to have a 'visited' state instead of using the selected state and adding triggers to each layer if they can be done in any order or to the final layer if they must be done in specific order.

Can you share the slide and folks might be able to offer a suggestion.

Eitan Teomi

Hi there, some more issues I found relating to this design:

While this works as expected on Firefox, on Chrome I have to click on the image buttons in a certain order in order to complete the slide.

Right now, each image has a T/F trigger that checks for slide completion by changing to "True" if both images are in "selected" State.

In chrome, if I start with the image on the left side of the screen, I am not able to access the image on the right, that is, clicking on it won't bring up the layer that is associated with it. But if I start with the image on the right side, it works as expected.

Any thoughts?

Eitan Teomi

Whenever I copy the slide and isolate it, it's completely non functioning so I don't know how to properly share it...

so I made something from scratch but this one doesn't even work..not sure what is wrong there...could be the order of the triggers or something but that doesn't make sense to me.

I have slides that are set up this way and work, some don't, and some only don't work in Chrome...

Wendy Farmer

Hi Eitan

I'm not sure how the NoNext variable is working to control the Next button.

See attached file - I duplicated your scene and used a trigger to disable the next button on timeline start and then enable the next button once the state of both shapes = selected.

Not sure if this helps or not

Eitan Teomi

Here's another version of my previous example. It works in all browsers, but the slide that is in the actual course - which is setup identically, doesn't work on Chrome.

In Chrome, I am forced to click on the image on the Right side FIRST. Only then, the image on the Left is clickable.

I have no clue...


Wendy Farmer

Hi Eitan

I published your course, zipped and uploaded to ScormCloud.  Here is a link

I'm using Chrome v 60.0.3112.90 

Whether I do Left or Right first it's working as expected. The next button cannot be clicked until both have been visited.

Not sure what is happening but I can't troubleshoot what I can't replicate.

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