Articulate 3 to end support for Adobe Flash, will flash extensions still work?

May 26, 2020


I have received a communication, advising that Articulate will no longer support Adobe Flash. The communication went on to state the courses published in SL3 or SL360 will continue to work when Adobe discontinued support of Flash. The communication also says that courses will need to be programmed to HTML5. 

My question is, I have SL3 and have published all of my courses to HTML5; however, I am currently using the files with the Flash extensions (story_flash.html) to play my courses as they contain video and audio elements. Will I have to go back now and update my URLs to reflect the HTML extension, or since these courses were published initially to HTML5, the flash extension will still work?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Daniel,

I'm glad to hear that you published to include the HTML5 format. 

We have always recommended sharing the story.html file when publishing and sharing as this allows the browsers to display the correct 'version'. 

Since you have specified the flash version, this feature has been overridden. I would recommend updating those links so that your content is not affected when Flash is gone :)

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