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Jun 21, 2019

Hi everyone,

I've worked with Storyline 2 and 3 before, but not 360. I have a client for whom i will be building course templates and who is using 360. As we're about to start discussing his project, he has given me these two questions. What are the best practices here? 


Where should we store the course content? Or rather, should we not bother with local storage and ask the content creators to download the course from the LMS and re-upload with any revisions?


Where should we store the course templates? Does Articulate have a cloud storage attached to our accounts?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stefanie. I'm happy to help!

  1. You course files and the published output should initially be saved directly to your C: drive. To back up your files or share them with a colleague, copy them to a network or cloud location. Your colleague should then download .story files directly to their C: drive if they need to open and edit them in Storyline 360.

    Any published output that is uploaded to the LMS won't be able to be downloaded for revisions. You'll need to open the .story file, republish, and upload again to the LMS to make revisions to existing courses.
  2. With Articulate 360 for Teams, you have access to the Team Slides feature. You can also create custom templates and save them locally to your computer.

Let me know if you have additional questions!

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