Drag and Drop questions (limits)

Oct 11, 2022

Is there a system application limit on how many items can placed/used on a Drag and Drop quiz question page in Storyline 360?  (Seems to be limiting me to maybe eight items)

Secondly, I would be interested in your insight for any best practices on using drag and drop.   Thank you.

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John Morgan

Hi Randy,

Although I don't believe there is a firm limit on the amount of drag-and-drop interactions Storyline can handle, I did find this conversation where another community member was able to enter up to SEVENTEEN ITEMS! 

Regarding best practices using drag-and-drops, here is an article that highlights some tips for creating some effective drag-and-drop activities.

Thanks for reaching out!


Walt Hamilton
There is a sample at this post:
The text sample has 15 options, but I'm pretty sure it would work with as many as you can fit on the slide. I quit after only 15, because it was a sample, and I was too lazy to write more triggers.