Articulate 360 - Installation & Assigning User

Mar 20, 2020

Hi Team,

We have recently purchased Articulate 360 in our organization & im having few queries relating to it. Kindly assist.

1. Im the main user im based at location A & my team sits at location B, i want to install All 360 app  in my system & i want that my team should able to use onli RISE (as they know onli rise). So how do i do that.

2. We have taken team subscription & articulate ID is related to my email ID onli, so wheather they can use my ID & use rise or do i have to assign the user, as in my account it showing u can assign onli 1 SEAT. (how do i do)

3. Wheather they have to install the software or with my A ID they can use RISE as is cloud based and can we both work simalteneously with same ID.

Not able to understand anything, i hope u have got my query.

Thanks in Advance. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Varun,

Happy to help clarify your questions! Your articulate ID is yours alone and should not be shared with anyone. The Articulate 360 Terms of Service allows a single user to install Articulate software on a maximum of two computers. 

If at any point you need to install it on additional computers or would like more than one individual to use it, you'll need to add additional seats to your subscription, even if your preference is for them to use Rise 360 only.

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