Articulate 360 login not working properly

Mar 12, 2021


I'm getting an error when trying to login to Articulate 360, I get this:


It then opens MS EDge and tries to open some web pages, but they fail. I get this:

I've been using this for some time now (3+ yrs) so don't think there has been a firewall change and my colleagues report that they can all get access. Any ideas why the dashboard is not working?

To be clear, I can access Rise etc through the web and Storyline works just fine on my laptop, I just can't get the dashboard to work. Thanks

Update: Just tried Storyline. While it opened, it presented this:

Part of the same thing, I guess!



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Jody Williams

Hello!  I am having these exact same issues; however, I did change my browser and it did not resolve the issue.  I have opened a ticket with Articulate just moments ago in hopes for a resolution.  If anyone knows of any other tricks, I would greatly appreciate it!  I have removed and reinstalled the desktop programs and tried all the trouble shooting a coworker and I could find but NOTHING seems to resolve this issue.