Articulate 360 print for the web troubleshooting

Hi there,

I looked and found many printing discussions but not quite what I need.

I have an eLearning that does not have a quiz, our students must take the course, but they are not in our LMS.  We have an external site that I have to upload the output folder to, then I have an external company page that I create a link to go to the elearning.  

So I don't have a results page as it wants questions associated with it.

I indicate they print the page from the browser.

My issue:

It works in Chrome to print, but the Exit button does not

It works in Firefox, but I get a flash of an error message first saying it can't print but then it does. Exit button does not work

It does not work for IE 11  -see image. both printing and exit button.

This is new, I usually use the LMS, hoping this is just lack of knowledge and a quick fix.  Also, I published to HTML5/Flash, so what url do I use for the link on my page as inside the output folder are three story.html then the flash and then the html 5.

I attached my file as well.




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Teresa Vanderpost

Just to add, I saw that you could add a Print Page tab up by the Exit button and I put in the javascript that they said window.print(), but sadly it doesn't work.  The exit button works in my LMS so not sure why not on the Web, but the fact it doesn't work and the Print page doesn't work must be connnected...tried all browsers...any help would be great...

Matthew Bibby

I don't know about printing stuff... it's never really worked reliably.

If I was going to print anything, I'd probably use the Print Results option as it seems to work reliably in all browsers (although it includes question data etc., but this can be changed if you are happy to mess around with the code)

A better approach in my opinion is to generate a PDF that users can print. See here for a demo.

Here is a roundup of other ways to generate certificates.

Regarding your question about which URL to use to link to your course... use the story.html one, that will take the learner to the best option for their environment (according to your publishing preferences).

So for example, if you've published to HTML5/Flash and someone is using an old browser that doesn't support HTML5, then they'd be redirected to the Flash version. But if they opened the course in a browser that supports HTML5, then they'd be redirected to the HTML5 version instead.

Hope that helps.