Articulate 360: SCORM 1.2 Course is Never Completed in Saba LMS

Mar 20, 2019


In the company I work for, we use Saba LMS to upload our e-Learning courses and we experience issues in having the courses marked as completed or passed.

I have found this article outlining a solution for this issue (for Storyline) but it's from 2017. My question is: Is the information contained here still applicable?.

I have found another article for the same issue solving steps but for Rise which is more recent (2019) so I was wondering of the Storyline article might be updated.

I've seen that the  step-by-step guide contained on the Rise article needs to be donr for each Rise 360 course, but in the Storyline one looks like it's something to be done just once and not in every single course.

Thanks for your clarification in advance!




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Crystal Horn

Hello, Arantxa. The Storyline 360 solution changes the Storyline program installed on your desktop. That means you can make the change once, and all subsequently published courses will adopt the change.

Because Rise 360 is a web-based authoring tool, it works a bit differently. You won't be able to change, but you can make those changes to your Rise 360 output.

Go ahead and try the Storyline 360 solution. If you have any issues, just let me know, and I'll get you more help!

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