Articulate 360 Screen capture video problems

We have an eLearning that was created using the screen capture function in 360. Several of our users are unable to play this across the system on our LMS. They either have lines through the video, sound and no audio with the video, or just a spinning wheel and blank screen. Some cases it starts playing fine and disappears halfway through. The problem is affecting about half our staff the module was assigned to. The problems are happening regardless of whether the module is accessed through our online virtual desktop, or outside of that, just using a standard connection. 20% of staff have been able to complete the program thus far without issue. Any ideas about what is going on with the others?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kristi! Sorry to hear that you ran into an issue with this functionality.

You mention an issue when the course is on your LMS. Are you able to replicate this behavior when the course is uploaded to SCORM Cloud or is the issue limited to your LMS?

If you are able to replicate, we would want to take a look at your .story file for sure.

Is there any common browser that you can identify among the users?

Kristi Larson

Good morning Leslie,

The problem is that we can't even replicate it on our computers here via the LMS.  For us it is working fine, but for our field staff across the country, it is not.  The browser that seems to cause the most issue is IE11 or Edge.  Unfortunately our corporate IT will only support IE and no other browsers, which is why most of our users have this one.