Articulate 360 subscription purchased but cannot install

Jun 16, 2017


Re. Articulate 360 subscription purchased but cannot install.

One of our group had Articulate trial on our PC.  She is no longer with us.   Articulate 360 trial/software has been uninstalled from the PC.  

We now have purchased Articulate 360 team and need to install on to the PC that originally had the trial.  We can log in using but we don't see the area to download programs such as Storyline 360.  Has the PC we need to use been blocked because the name of the subscription is different the trial. 

Thank you for any help

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Ali Goulet

Hey Nic!

Thanks so much for reaching out here, sorry you're running into that.

The email address you shared is listed as an Admin for that team account. In order to download the Articulate 360 apps under it, you'll need to add it into a Team Seat on your team. This can be done right in the Manage tab in your account while signed in with that email address. 

Once you add that address to the team, you'll see the download apps button up at the top right over here. It'll look like this:

Let me know how that goes!

Also- you're more than welcome to edit that email address out of your post here for privacy, if desired! ☺️

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