Articulate, any plans to update custom tabbing sequence to include the player?

Right now I can only control the tab sequence for the "slide" items. However, I've had visually impaired learners inquire about allowing the "Notes" section to be the first thing they tab to when navigating to different screens. This is because they are turning off the course audio and using their screen readers only. Anyway, that would be a nice update to have.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Benjamin,

Currently you can't customize the tab order of player navigation elements, but you can skip them when you're tabbing through a slide with a screen reader.

As far as this being a future element of Storyline, we don't share information in regards to our product release or new features, but you are welcome to share your thoughts on seeing this in the form of a feature request here as they go directly to our product development team.