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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dane,

As Michael suggested you will want to ensure you're using the DPI setting as detailed or else Storyline could behave oddly. But we've also heard from users that high resolution monitors do cause some scaling issues and difficulty with smaller text/UI. Our team is looking into improvements in regards to this, but in the meantime changing the display as you have done is our recommended workaround. 

Leo Nunnink

This is rubbish.  I have a brand new high definition laptop and Storyline 2 does not display in any useful way.   Have tried:
1.  The suggestion from the link above
2.  Changing resolution settings; even down to 1280 x 800 it doesn't render
3.  Tried a slave monitor with lower resolution, text is still too small to read.

Posts on this issue are now over 1 year old and Articulate is still 'working on it.'  Perhaps they could work a little faster.  I can't do my work until this is sorted out!  Every other app on my computer renders perfectly.
After three years of recommending Storyline to educators as the best elearning product on the market I am seriously reconsidering Captivate.  A product needs to be supported.  Maybe Articulate isn't serious about Storyline any more?

Natasha Jaray


I had the same problem with my 4k laptop but changed the screen resolution to 1920 x 1080. I had to restart the computer but it seems to have fixed the problem. I seem to need to do this each time I want to use Storyline though as my computer reverts back to the original high resolution settings each time I restart.