Articulate is not saving volume changes

Aug 31, 2020

Good Afternoon, 

I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue as I currently am, or it is a bug. 

Today, when I was viewing courses I noticed the background music I laid onto the slides was much louder than when I previously adjusted the volume. Now, when I go to lower the volume by 25%, Storyline doesn't save the modifications and I cannot get the volume to stick at the lower percentage. 

I really don't want to go in and modify everything again or in a different software and then import it back in. Has anyone else had this issue? 



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Katie Riggio

Hello Jessica,

I'm sorry to hear about this volume issue!

I'm having difficulty recreating the experience with a sample .MP3 file in Storyline 360 Update 43. Here's a short video of the test

A few clues to help us investigate:

  • What update of Storyline are you running?
  • Is this happening with any audio file or a certain one?

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