Articulate Mobile Player and tracking without Tin Can

May 29, 2014

Can someone please help me out on these questions?  I've read through many discussions on here, but I'm still confused.

If you have an LMS that does NOT have Tin Can, will the Articulate Mobile Player be able to pass back a completion of a course to your LMS?  Does bookmarking work inside the Mobile Player if a user were to come back to the course later in the Mobile Player?

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Philip Varghese

This has been driving me up the wall for the past three weeks. Any remedy for hair loss?

i tried scrom cloud but they having issues with reportage.

Just started with moodle and discovered it has tracking functions which can be called from storyline but it only works for the desktop not mobile player.

Mobile player has a function to resume from where you left off under the publish menu.

To begin with, You will need a tin can LMS if you want mobile player to work or you can run it off the web without an LMS but this would mean no tracking.

Dave Robertson

Thanks Philip!  It sounds like since we have an LMS without Tin Can, then the Articulate Mobile Player would not be able to report back to our LMS the status (complete/incomplete), correct?

So far from what I have read, people have had very mixed (and frustrating) results even from LMS's that do have Tin Can.  Is that your take as well?

Philip Varghese

Dave, from my experiments and reading, you need tin can functionalities in your LMS for the mobile player to run.

Bottom line is mobile player will not start without tin can, let alone the reporting.

if you had HTML 5 configured during publishing, the HMTL5 version will kick in instead of the mobile player.

The above is applicable when you publishing for LMS.

However, if you are publishing for web and send the published files to a server, mobile player will run.

Running off the web and running from an LMS are two different animals.

Second part of your question. Yes I am a little frustrated after wasting so much time, but I learned in the process. No pain, no gain.

You can use scrom cloud for your mobile player. It works, I have no complaints there. It's only the reporting part which is a problem.

It stems from storyline is using tin can version 0.9 and scrom cloud is using version 1.0. Every time you hit the report button it gives an error message. There are two other threads addressing this issue which is more than a year old. Not resolved yet.

In my case, I am using moodle LMS which has no tin can. This means I will be delivering the course and tests thru a desktop or laptop. I will also make the course available for mobile player but thru the web not LMS so that user can access the materials anywhere, at their leisure to revise their lessons. I don't need tracking for this.

Since moodle is capable of tracking every question in a test, I have decided the test will be on desktops in a classroom. LOL I just thought of this go around today after so much frustration.

The best solution would be Articulate on line but that is too pricey for my wallet. I am a poor man, maybe someday when I have made some money from this.

Btw, what LMS are you using?

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