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Nov 04, 2016

Hi Guys


I'm looking into Tin Can at the moment and noticed on the Articulate Specs it says:

"Should I publish for Tin Can API?
If Tin Can API support is available for your LMS and you need to track results for learners who'll be using the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad, then you should publish for Tin Can API."

Does this mean you have to use the articulate mobile player app? Or just that it will also capture completion via the app?

Thank you 


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Ali Goulet

Hi Harri,

If your LMS supports Tin Can API, then you can check the option for viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player when publishing your course and you'll be able to view and track your course in the Articulate Mobile Player on tablets and androids. However, if you're publishing for SCORM or AICC, these are not supported for tracking in the Articulate Mobile Player. Depending on your LMS, you may still be able to view the content in the mobile player but you won't be able to track. If you have to publish for SCORM or AICC, then you can choose to opt out of viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player by unchecking that option when publishing your course. You'll want to make sure that the option for including the HTML5 output is checked still. This will force the course to load right in a browser window, instead of launching in the mobile player.

Hope that helps clarify a little, please let me know if you have further questions! 

Harri S

Hi Ali

From your answer I think you're saying that if I want to track content in the articulate mobile app I need to publish to tin can and select articulate mobile player (our LMS accepts tin can).

However, what I'm trying to figure out is if xAPI/tin can will be tracked on mobile devices if I publish to HTML5 but I don't use the articulate mobile player. (The LMS we're using has its own mobile app which we will be testing shortly). Could you clarify this please?

Thank you 


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