Articulate Mobile Player not recognising app is installed

I have a few different URLs I am trying to launch in Articulate Mobile Player - all are of the form ending in amplaunch.html.

When viewing on the iPad, it briefly shows the Launch button before switching to /mobile/mobileinstall.html even though the player is already installed on the iPad.

If you are quick enough to click on the Launch button before the page is redirected, it opens in AMP fine.

What do I need to do to stop the redirection from occurring?


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Ali Goulet

Hi Andrew!

Are you running iOS 9 on your iPad? If so, it sounds like you might be running into a known issue here. Apple made some changes to the way apps launch in iOS 9, so your courses may not launch in the Articulate Mobile Player as you'd expect. We added support for iOS 9 in Update 7 for Storyline 2. Check out this article for details on how to update your Storyline software and your published courses.

Hope that helps! :)