Articulate Mobile Player Errors

Apr 03, 2013

I've installed the "Articulate Mobile Player" on all of our iPads.

Before publishing:

I've checked the "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" checkbox.

I've also checked the "Include HTML5 output" checkbox

After Publishing:

I've uploaded it to our dropbox so I can access it on our iPads.

I've verified that all of the content has been successfully loaded onto the dropbox by testing it both a PC and an Android tablet. The course plays fine.

I've tapped on story.html while both connected via wifi and via the cellular data connection.

On iPad1:

After tapping on the story.html,  I am correctly redirected to the "ioslaunch.html" file, but when i tap onthe "Launch" button I am taken to the Articulate Mobile Player app but i get the "Cannot Download Content" error. According to Articulate support pages - this means i'm either not online or the files are missing.  Neither of these statements are true.

On iPad 2:

After tapping on the story.html, it opens up a blank html page and nothing happens. It never redirects to the ioslaunch.html page.  If I try to manually open the ioslaunch.html page, the "Launch" button does not redirect me to the Articulate Mobile Player app.  Nothing happens.  Dead end.

Next step: Testing it on our LMS.  Is this just a dropbox on the ipad issue?

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Kevin Thorn

Hey M.

Sounds like all your ducks are lined up properly. It's difficult to troubleshoot on a forum for obvious reasons due to all the moving parts.

One thing that did jump out at me and you suggested is running it from Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud storage service and not so much a web server even though it (says) it supports it. I'd try moving all your files to a true web server to test. 

The other comment  you mentioned was testing on your LMS. While you may be able to access the LMS from an iPad and launch the course, keep in mind it won't track back to the LMS. SCORM (presuming that's how you're publishing to the LMS) is JavaScript and the iPad, especially the mobile app player, doesn't read it therefore no tracking capability.  

There are ways to do it with TInCan but that's another discussion

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