Articulate Quiz Review Results Question

Jul 21, 2021

Hello everyone, I have a bit of a headache from trying to figure out how the review results function of storyline works. When I click the review results button to see which answers i got correct and incorrect, it shows the question and a message of correct or incorrect, but it does not show the potential answer choices that were on my quiz slides to begin with. It does not show the correct answer either. Any suggestions or recommendations for tutorials on this topic? Please help 😀

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Chris! ⭐️

It sounds like you do not see the answer choices when choosing to review the quiz after completion. Happy to work with you on this!

Without digging into your file, I'm not sure how you have your project setup exactly, but here's what I see on my end when I click on the built-in Review Quiz button. 

Feel free to share your file here or privately here, and I'd be happy to continue investigating!

Lauren Connelly

Thanks for attaching the screen recordings, Chris!

I'm happy to help. It sounds like you're looking for a way to remove the navigation buttons when reviewing the quiz. The Player controls are set on the base layer and are displayed on all of the additional layers. To achieve another way for the learner to move to the next slide, you'll want to remove the Previous, Next, and Submit buttons from the slide. Lastly, you can add your own custom Submit button on the base layer and Previous and Next buttons on the Review layer.

Next, if you're duplicating the Results Slide, make sure the duplicated Results Slide is tracking quiz questions. This could be the reason why it is sitting on a loading screen.

I've created a 5-minute demo to cover how to build this in your Storyline project. I'm happy to take a look at your project as well. You can attach it to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case.