Articulate & Sharepoint Online

May 05, 2023

Hi - I'd like to embed a single storyline slide, or short Rise course into a Sharepoint page. The only threads I found on this forum were quite old, or relating to hosting courses on Sharepoint, which isn't what I want to do - so wonder if any progress has been made with this at all? I'm aiming to use a Storyline slide and layers to display info as learners click the hotspots, but shown on a SharePoint page. Is that possible? I don't need to track learner completion, so thought about using Review 360 too.

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Scott, 

Thanks for reaching out!

Looks like you're trying to embed your Storyline 360 or Rise 360 content to a website. One way to do this is to host your published content on a webserver, and then use iframes to embed the published content in your Sharepoint page. Note that you'll need some familiarity with HTML design to do this. If you're interested in checking this method out, here's a helpful reference on iframes to get you started. 

Here's a quick recap of the process:

  1. Publish your content to web
  2. Host your content on a webserver
  3. Get the direct link or URL of your content on the webserver and use iframes to embed the content in your Sharepoint page

Hope this helps!

Scott Taylor

Thanks Joe, this info was helpful. I've taken the steps, the .html file is in the documents folder in Sharepoint, and my IT team have enabled the content to play, but when I add it to the page using the embed webpart I see the black starting screen but I'm not able to play or access the content - screenshot attached. it seems I'm only shown an embed 'preview'.