Updating articulate storyline output on sharepoint

Oct 01, 2013

Dear Team,

I have been working with Articulate storyline for about a year and i would like to do the following task.

Update the storyline output on sharepoint , how can i convert the storyline i created into a web-link that can go on sharepoint ? so that other employees in the company can just go to sharepoint and clink the link to go through the presenation.

 I have tried to use the WEB option and it comes in a folder/zip folder, where inside the folder you will see the complete package of images and html link that needs to be clicked for the presenation to play/open.

But we dont want to put the entire folder or zip folder on sharepoint , we want to put a web-link , upon one click it should redirect the page to the storyline presenation ? how can i achieve this ? I dont want them to see any folder or images besides the web-link on sharepoint

Please assist me with this task so i can get this to work successfully ..

Thank you very much and i am waiting for a positive response !!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thanuja,

I'm not familiar with Sharepoint, but if you'd like to open a Storyline project only through clicking on a link, you'd need to have the course hosted on another web server which you'd be pointing to. I know there are a number of community members who also use Sharepoint, so I hope that they'll chime in here to offer you any other specific thoughts on working with Sharepoint. 

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