Storyline 3 output and SharePoint 2013

Oct 18, 2017

Hi all, we recently upgraded our intranet to something built on SharePoint 2013 and as part of some initial testing I wanted to see if I could get Storyline 3 output to embed (or link) on an intranet page. I've read various threads and it looks like you need to output to web, change the story.html to story.aspx (as SharePoint doesn't like html) and then add the folder nad all contents to SharePoint via the file explorer. The iframe can then point to the aspx file to surface it.  The problem is that our SharePoint library has been set up so that files need to be published and I don't really want to have to publish every file from the storyline output folder. Does anyone know anything that might help (I'm aware this is more of a SharePoint query than a Storyline one but worth a try)

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Chris Undery

I still haven't resolved this but it appears that you only need to publish the aspx file for the output to be viewable. Our IT people think the best way is going to be to set up a specific SharePoint library purely for surfacing Storyline content. Only other problem currently is that when I try and surface the content on a web page or even docs stored on SharePoint as a web object in Storyline then we get the following.  IT are looking into it for me and I will post the answer on here for reference if they resovle it


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