Articulate Storyline 2: Grow Animation Different When Published

Jan 12, 2017

Hi All,

I'm having a challenge with the grow animations on my slide - when I preview, they look smooth, but when I publish them to web in HTML5, they look choppy or mistimed.

I'm working 100% on my local drive.

I'm viewing the published file in google chrome

Is there anything I can do to fix this?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Martin,

Thanks for attaching your file here. I can see how the shapes with Grow animations "flicker" when they animate in. I was also able to reproduce this behavior in a new file, so I'm going to share this with our Quality Assurance team. Since you're now subscribed to this thread, you'll receive an email notification when an update is posted. For now, the only workarounds I would suggest would be to use another entrance animation or use Flash to view the published content. 

michael wylegly

It's happening for us in html5 versions of storyline 2 courses. We've tested this in 360 and that seems to resolve the issue, as does the flash version.

We've also noticed that the issues is resolved if the learner manipulates the seekbar. So we're assuming that this might have something to do with loading the image prior to the animation.

Additionally, if you re-play the slide it'll be resolved as long as you've gone further than the graphic on your first viewing.

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