Articulate storyline 360 sign in error ( recurring)

Aug 12, 2019

Hi team,

I am facing a multiple sign in error in middle of using articulate storyline  and sometime my password is also not accepted while re-signin.

It asks for sign-in any time, sometimes more than 5 times in a day. Seems its log back and throws a message of "You need a subscription to articulate 360 to sign in." 

At our end, i have also re-installed the software, but this option didn't work out.

Need help as this is frustrating. Thank you!

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kenisha!

So sorry to hear that you're hitting a snag with the sign-in process. 

Leslie covers some great initial troubleshooting steps here:

First, can I have you close the Articulate 360 desktop app (click on the red X and then head over to the system tray. There, right-click on the Articulate logo and select Quit). Here's a quick video.

After that, please restart the machine and then try signing in again.

In addition, this article describes the reasons why signing in could fail and how to solve them. 

If those ideas don't help, our Support team can help you find a fix in real-time since you have live chat access. When you're ready to connect, click the link below and then click the Live chat support option on the right-hand side:

Adam Gibbs

I'm now experiencing issues as well. I click the blue 'sign in' button in the Articulate360 app to sign in to Articulate, and I get 4 tabs open up in my browser. The first says 'That didn't work
We ran into an error while we were looking for the next page. Please try again.' The other 3 tabs looks like offline_access, email and profile but the Server IP address could not be found.

I have signed out, signed in, rebooted, cleared cookies, cleared passwords, uninstalled, cleared registry, reinstalled, and a bunch of other things and still can't get it to sign in.


Michael Armstrong

I am experiencing the login issue that is discussed in the comments above.   When trying to access Storyline 360 I have started to get the sign-in prompt.  When I click on the tab I get an error report field which I have filled out and hit send.   I then get the Not Signed In message and can't access.    

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Michael, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're experiencing a similar issue.

The common reasons you may not be able to sign-in are in the document below:

Articulate 360 Desktop App: Can't Sign In

I'd recommend installing the latest update. The error report that you submitted is for the overall health of the product and monitoring issues but does not open a support ticket with our team to follow up with you. In the future, if you need to do so, please be sure to contact our team directly here.