Articulate Storyline Freezing

May 19, 2015

I'm running into an issue with my articulate storyline 2 where every so often is seems to freeze up in different ways.

The first time was yesterday, where it froze on me but Windows did not recognize it as being frozen, but the whole program was unresponsive. I brought up the task manager and as far as windows was concerned it was not "Not responding", but I could not interact with the program at all. This happened while I was editing the text in some markers.

The second time was today, I'm just editing some slides and it freezes on me again! This time I can interact with the program still, but now the screen remains frozen. I can jump to new slides on the SCENE menu, click the ribbon buttons, move objects on screen, but the screen itself doesn't update so I cant see any changes I'm making to the project. I can actually interact with the whole program, and I assume make edits to the storyline file, but the screen remains frozen in place. this happened while trying to paste a zoom region into a slide. 

So now I'm concerned that i accidentally moved or deleted something and i cant tell if it actually affected my course because the area where we see what is actually on the slide is frozen.

The ways the storyline is locking up on me is odd, but its making me lose hours of work. I just through I would bring up this issue in case other people were experiencing this sort of odd freezing behavior. I did not experience this before the latest update.

I can confirm I'm working locally and I will reinstall storyline very soon. If anyone has any other advice I would appreciate it!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Jackson. Sorry to hear you're having some trouble. Have you attempted this repair of Storyline 2 yet? If the crashing/freezing behavior continues after that, we do have a solution to pull error logs for our Support Engineers to further assist, or you can use our regular contact support page

Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you out.

Rod Plant

Having a similar issue to what is reported above. My team recently migrated from SL1 to SL2 (update 5) and we're all having this "freezing" issue with the application itself randomly with no pattern we've been able to detect. Same as described above, all other apps and Windows are alive and working normally. This morning SL2 started doing it immediately upon launch, nothing within the SL2 interface was clickable except minimize, maximize, or close in the upper right. So I closed it, waited a bit, restarted, then it wouldn't allow me to resize the UI using the mouse or the max/min window functions. Instead the application window would just jump around the screen. Close, wait, reopen and for the moment it seems to be behaving but I expect that to be short lived based on our experience to date. There's often enough challenges making content do what you want it to do in Storyline without also having to fight with the development tool itself.

Patrick Amos

I am tired of of my projects freezing up on deadlines. This the second time in three weeks and on big project. Totally annoyed. I'm the one that convinced my company to purchase and not showing well. There is no customer number to call. I don't have time to wait for soemone to get back to me. I have people waiting on my work and I can't get out the project or get back into it. It's stuck.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Patrick and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your software installation.

I can see that you have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, which provides priority support and access to our live chat portal.

I've opened up a support case on your behalf and you should be hearing from someone soon.