Articulate Storyline inserted into Rise

I have a five layer slide published to Review and then inserted into Rise. I have a trigger on an exit button to give a completion on the last layer so the Rise continue button becomes active. Everything works great with one exception. Clicking the exit button causes the base layer (with a start button) to display. I want it to stay on the last layer and activate the continue button - not go to base layer with start over button. Can anyone help me with suggestion on how to accomplish that? 

Thank you

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Ned Whiteley

Hi LaVon,

As you will already know, when you finish viewing a Storyline block in Rise, the next step is to scroll down to the next Rise block to continue through your course. What I would therefore recommend is that you replace your Continue button with some text and (possibly) an animated down arrow to direct your users to "Scroll down to continue". This should ensure that your Storyline block completes with the final layer still showing.