Articulate Storyline is produced malformed JSON, why?

Mar 10, 2014

I'm trying to incorporate TinCan with Articulate.

My file works fine inside of SCORM.

With my launch link href looks like this :


This successfully makes it so that the Articulate file directs the signals towards the correct endpoint .

However, it is sending malformed JSON POSTS to that address and thus failing with the message that reads :

Unable to connect to the server.

Please verify you can connect to the internet and relaunch the course.

Status Code: 500

The two POST requests it is sending are both malformed. This is an example of one of them :

781: unexpected token at 'actor=null&registration=&activityId=6LHIJumrnmV_course_id&Content-Type=application/json&stateId=resume&Authorization='
The reason this JSON is malformed is because there's no containing brackets, and the values are not encapsulated with quotation marks.
So can anyone answer why Articulate Storyline is producing malformed JSON in this example? I can't imagine it does the same within SCORM, and I think the reason why is because of the specific values used to instantiate the launch link which I'm probably doing incorrectly.
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Trip Levine

If anyone is curious, I was able to identify this as a bug on Articulate's side. Where the Articulate app throws all of its form data into the Headers. So the only way you can get Articulate to work with TinCan is by writing a special script that would intercept its' calls, and correctly format them before it hits your server.

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