Storyline Articulate 2 does not return TinCan registration or actor parameters where as Storyline Articulate 1 does

Mar 25, 2015

I have been using Articulate Storyline 1 successfully for a little over a year. I do this by setting my launch URL ( an example ) like so :

Then when the Articulate file loads, it sends a request to my specified endpoint and passes into the form data information the Actor ( in my example, 1 ) and Registration ( in my example, also 1 )

However, I've recently taken on a new Articulate developer who uses Articulate Storyline 2, and strangely, all the files he's delivered, none of this form data gets returned. The Articulate Storyline file successfully sends a request to the endpoint ( so I know that the endpoint was consumed correctly by Storyline Articulate and returned ), but none of my parameters are returned. So the form data does not have the Actor, or the Registration, or any additional parameters I provide.

So I've discovered that Articulate Storyline 2 is no longer relevant to your documentation.  Do you have any Articulate Storyline 2 documentation for incorporating TinCan with Articulate yet? Do you know any workaround to get AS2 to respond with TinCan data in any working situation? 

I have tried following to the tee, the information provided on by explicitly setting every single parameter, but still Articulate Storyline does not return any form data as explained in your instructions.

We'll keep hacking the software to see if we can get it to work..



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