Articulate Storyline - Loading Problems on iPad. Need urgent help.

Nov 14, 2013

We have created one e-learning course with the below listed features/requirements.

1. Course is gated (linear) i.e for each page, Next will be disabled until learner visit all the links or tabs on the respective page.

2. Course is also audio gated i.e for simple (non-interactive) pages, leaner must listen to entire audio, then only Next button will be enabled & learner will go ahead.

3. The number of pages in course i.e in the storyline output are 20 and number of slides in ".story" files are 30.

4. The course also contains videos/animations in-between. Total count is max 5-6.

5. The course has audio Transcripts.

6. For MCQ or Drag and drop Template, audios are integrated for Correct, Try Again and Incorrect feedbacks.

7. The course also has Seekbar.

8. Some pages has multiple videos.

9. The course is published using "Update1". We tried publishing the course using Update 3, but we got UI & alignment related issues which is not feasible to solve at this point of time as we don't have much time. However, the performance of Update 3 is little better. But still this didn't resolve all the other problems.

We have tested this course on PC and various versions of iPad. It runs smoothly as EXPECTED on PC only.

However, it doesn't work properly on iPads.

1. Learner gets stuck in-between.

2. Audio doesn't load for few pages.

3. Video sometimes doesn't get loaded.

4. The audios for MCQ or Drag and drop template never loads.

We have tested this course on below iPad combinations.

1. iPad 2 + iOS 6.0

2. iPad 3 + iOS 6.0

3. iPad 4 + iOS 7.0

4. iPad 2 + iOS 7.0

The connection type for iPad was Wi-Fi.

It would be great if you could see the above mentioned problems thoroughly and suggest the best solution.

Awaiting your quick response.

Thanks in advance.

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Sara Lulloff

Hi Leslie,

We are having similar issues with running SL files on iPads. We downloaded Storyline Update 4 and republished. The republished files are still having the same issues.

Basically when the SL file opens in Mobile Safari, it's still completely oversized and when you flip the iPad, the file gets even larger and you can no longer scroll. These are the same issues we were having with the previous version of SL.

What's going on? Please help.

Thank you,


tapas chatterjee

Hi Leslie,

As discussed, I republished course using Update 4, the performance on iPad has really been improved a bit. However, I found some basic functionality issues as listed below.

1. iPad - The republished videos works properly for the first time only. On revisit, videos get stuck.

2. iPad - To solve above problem (1), new videos are integrated, but it also doesn't work on iPad even for the first time.

3. iPad - On revisiting, the answer options get disappeared for MCQ pages.

4. iPad - Course Layout -> The course size gets squeezed on iPad when "Notes" tool is placed on the Sidebar. The top & bottom margin is coming.

It would be great if you could see the above mentioned problems thoroughly and suggest the best solution.

Awaiting your quick response.

Thanks in advance.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tapas, 

Thanks for letting us know you're on update 4 and that it has fixed the majority of the issues you described. In regards to the new items you've come upon, for 1 and 2, I'd suggest sharing your .story file with us here so that we could take a better look. 

For 3, what do you have the slide properties set to in regards to revisiting a slide? If you'd like it to keep the answers, I'd ensure it was set to "Resume saved state." 

For 4, again this would be something helpful for us to see in terms of what information is cut off when viewing it within the HTML5 or Mobile player output.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tapas,

I see that Jayem did some testing of your file and reported that he was not able to replicate the issue on his test version. He sent you a published version to test on your end as well. Please let us know how that version works for you, and you can reply to the email you received from and I'll continue to follow along. 

tapas chatterjee

When we publish the course in Update 1, the overflowing content on the screen and the glossary tab can be viewed by scrolling on the iPad. However, when we publish the same course in Update 5, the iPad does not allow to scroll in the same instances.

This was viewed in ipad 2 and 3, IOS 6.00 and IOS 7.00

Please suggest

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tapas,

I see that the last communication in regards to your case was in December with Jayem where he wasn't able to replicate the issues, but it sounds like you're experiencing a new issue with scrolling? 

Scrolling on the ipad involves using the two finger method detailed here and the scroll bar will not appear in mobile safari until you've begun scrolling. 

Shahid Ismail

Hi Ashley

I am having a problem with a storyline file that i have created on IPAD IOS7,

My problem is a weird one, i have a slide which has three rectangles (images) and when when i click one image it takes me to a layer which has three more rectangles (images).

Each of the rectangles on the new layer are clickable and go to a corresponding layer.

For E.G.:

Image 1 goes to Layer 1

Image 2 goes to Layer 2

Image 3 goes to Layer 3

and when all images are viewed the next button appears and the user can then go next.

now this works perfectly fine on IE, Firefox and Google Chrome, but when i open this on iPad using Safari on my LMS a problem occurs

the problem is that when i click image 1 i go to layer 1 (Perfect), but then when i click image 2 or 3 nothing happens, the new layer that needs to be shown doesnt get shown and the course hangs up.

Please if you can help that would be awesome as i need to submit this project soon to the client.

Happy to upload the course for you ti view

BTW i have download the latest update which was released on 7/24/2014