Articulate storyline output to mp4

Mar 05, 2014

Dear Team,

Is there any way we can change the articulate storyline output to an MP4 format ? so the course content just plays like a video and slides automatically change as the voice over finishes ?



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Dhurjati Bhattacharyya

Hi Thanuja,

I guess I am a year late, but here is a quick way to get the mp4 videos from Storyline demos:

  1. Record the demos in the resolution that you want
  2. Insert the recording as a “video on a single slide”
  3. Publish the storyline file (ideally with a single video) to web
  4. Open the output folder and then navigate to the “story_content” folder
  5. Copy the .mp4 file

This way the quality of the video file will not be impacted. Hope this helps!


Jeff Willison

I just read this, first time I have tried to produce an MP4.  I tried your recommendation with replay and it works OK but the audio is horrible.  Are there any tips on how to get the audio to play at the same quality as the original. We went to the expense of having a video team shoot shoot the video in the SL file and it sounds like it's in a tunnel. Any tips would be appreciated.

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