Articulate Storyline SCORM 2004 vs 1.2

Our LMS provider (CS) has the Test Question Item Analysis report available.  We wanted to use that function and were informed that we must us SCORM 2004 and Not SCORM 1.2 to retrieve this report.  We changed our SCORM to 2004, and now when we view our Storyline course on the LMS we have a HUGE sidebar giving you 2 launch course options.  I can't find any settings in Storyline to remove that from the viewing area.   This was not and issue when we were using SCORM 1.2.


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Chris Martinez

Hi Dan, 

  We're having the same issue here and our LMS team is using Cornerstone. Is that your vender as well? I noticed the similarities in your LMS UI. I believe as well that this is an LMS issue however there seems to be a breakdown in communication between my development department and the LMS Team and Cornerstone. I'm thinking of contacting Cornerstone directly to see if there is a solution. How about yourself? Have you found out anything since you submitted this?