Articulate StoryLine size of files

Oct 22, 2013


We currently have a file that is over 850mb and are having problems publishing the file. Whilst it seems as though the file publishes normally Articulate gives you the option to 'zip' the file afterwards however we are no longer getting this screen.

It seems as though whilst we can see the file we are missing critical files including 'data.swf' and therefore the course is not playing on our internal LMS.

Does anyone have any views on why this may be happening? We have recently updated the memory to 16GB and we are on a i7 processor with Windows 64 bit. The memory is not maxing out so I am wondering if we have reached the capabilities of Articulate Storyline.

This is causing us huge problems, if anyone has any suggestions/fudges we could use please let me know.

Many Thanks

Neil Chandarana

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