Articulate Storyline tracking/reporting confusion!!

Mar 30, 2017


I have a course with a quiz and getting confused what tracking and reporting status I need to select in Storyline 360 for an LMS.

Assuming the following scenarios based on 50 slides.

1. Learner views 50 slides and passes the quiz (Complete/Passed)

2. Learner views 40 slides and passes the quiz (Incomplete/Passed)

3. Learner views 50 slides and fails the quiz (Complete/Failed)

4. Learner views 40 slides and fails the quiz (Incomplete/Failed)

What I want to report is whether the learners completed all the slides or not (Complete/Incomplete) and the outcome of the quiz (Passed/Failed).

What settings do I need to select to track and report correctly?




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Nick,

When publishing Articulate Storyline content to a learning management system (LMS), you have four reporting options from which to choose:

  • Passed/Incomplete
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

Many LMSs track both a completion status and a success status. To report both statuses, choose either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed when publishing Storyline content. Completed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed report only the completion status.

You may have to see what works best within your LMS.

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