Articulate/Storyline vs. 360?

So, what happens, now?

Are we going to be ratcheted into buying a 360 subscription? I've got Articulate Studio and Storyline 2. Are they going to die and force us into a subscription service?

Frankly, I can't afford the monthly subscription. What's going to happen to me and the other folks who don't have that kind of budget?

I'm deeply concerned as I can't even find where to download the latest updates for my existing products.

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Matthew Bibby

Hey Skip,

No one is going to be forced into buying the subscription. 

Articulate are still going to be supporting old products and have stated that they will release new versions of the standalone tools (without the subscription) next year. So you'll be able to purchase, for example, Storyline 3 in the same way you purchased Storyline 2. 

You can download the latest versions of your existing tools here:

Alternatively, you can check for updates from within the software itself. 

Angela Hutchinson

Hi There,

I have a similar question to Skip. However, right now, my company only has studio '13. I've finally gotten the decision-makers with the purse strings to approve the purchase of Storyline, but I'm confused about what direction to go. We are a very low budget company with training (I'm the only training person in the company!). But we have an LMS and almost 800 employees and 80 locations nation wide.   I think they would rather purchase a product like Storyline 3 rather than an annual subscription. But if I can make a case for the subscription I'm willing to try. If someone could refer me to something that would offer a good comparison that I can reference as I prepare to discuss with my decision-makers that would be very helpful. 

Thank you!! 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Angela! There's been lots of discussion around the differences between Storyline 360 subscription and Storyline 3 perpetual. Our VP of Operations shared some fantastic information on this recently, so I'll include it here! Hopefully this will be helpful for you as you prepare to speak with the decision-makers. :)

Value of Articulate 360

With Articulate 360, we set out to address every aspect of the course development process. In addition to eight content authoring applications (including new versions of Storyline and Studio), Articulate 360 has a robust library of course assets, an app for reviewing projects with stakeholders, and live webinar training with industry experts. As a whole, this solution is meant to make it easier, faster, and cheaper for customers to create multi-device courses, source high-quality assets, finish project reviews, and grow their skills as course developers.

If you compare pricing for Articulate 360 to other solutions that offer all of these features, it’s quite competitive.

Comparison Matrix

To help our existing customers transition to Articulate 360, we’re offering deep discounts (we encourage you to contact sales for help getting an exact quote for your situation). And we are fully aware that to keep your subscription in year two, we’ll need to provide ongoing value. In short, we’re on the hook to make sure you stay happy with Articulate 360! We’re confident that we can do that.

The absolute best way to get a sense for the value of Articulate 360 and whether it’s right for you is to use it. We encourage you to get a free trial to assess it for yourself. (And if you were in the beta, we encourage you to get the trial to play with Rise!)

Subscription vs Perpetual Licenses

We also understand that there are some people who would prefer to continue using their existing Articulate software. Some people may also prefer to buy a perpetual license rather than buy a subscription that gives them continuous product updates.

For these folks, we will still provide perpetual licenses of Storyline and Studio. You can buy perpetual Storyline 2 licenses here: and perpetual Studio 13 licenses here:  

We will release the next perpetual versions of Storyline and Studio in 2017. Just a note that these products will NOT include integration with the web apps in Articulate 360 such as Content Library and Articulate Review. We truly haven’t set a firm release date for the next perpetual versions of Storyline and Studio (we’re not being coy!) but it will be in 2017. We’ll share news of it in the community when we have a firmer date.