Articulate Storyline wastes a lot of time

Dec 14, 2022

Can someone tell me why Articulate Storyline insists on wasting my time so much? About 30% of the time, there are new issues that surface that requires time to solve that could've been entirely avoided if the software was actually intuitive and effective. I'm cropping a picture. Suddenly, the picture has expanded for no reason, and I can' t undo, no matter how far back I go. So, now I need to waste my urgent time to correct this mistake or start from scratch again. 

Okay, another thing, a cropped picture suddenly becomes bigger and noticeably changes size when the learner clicks on the cropped shape/picture in between states. Why? There is absolutely zero reason...Even when ensuring that the shapes are the same dimensions, it's still an issue. Why? Again, waste of time to find a solution.

This software is infuriating, and I don't know when it'll finally become intuitive, but it looks to be far from now.

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