Cropped pictures appear as 'uncropped' when imported in a new AS file!!

Jul 12, 2016

Dear all!

Most of the time I make large e-learning modules. I develop several short modules and when I am ready I make one big one. I import the files - check the links - no problemo! always OK!.

Now I have a really strange problem: I cropp pictures on a slide, so far so good - never had any problem with this.

Till now: I import the slide/scene with the cropped pictures and after importing it: the whole picture is there again !!!!! This means I have to go over slide by slide and cropp again.... huh??

Does anyone know what to do?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tineke -- Thanks for your patience as I attempted to recreate this behavior. Unfortunately, I did not have any trouble when I opened a new file, added an image, cropped it, saved, closed, and then started a new project and imported the cropped image from previous. Can you please share the file where the original cropped image resides and I will see if I have any better luck? If you'd prefer to share private, here is the form you would need to do so. 

Tineke Porschen

Hi Christie,

Thanks for looking at my question

The weird thing is:

As I wrote before, my course is build from different storyfiles. 7 files imported to 1 file. Every seven of these files had the same problem, then I put the big file (the 7 together) in an other one to complete the course and no problem occured. I have the feeling it has to do with the images I used, because I never had these problems befor. The images are funny 3D with lots of  shadow and so on, maybe? I add one example here. the file (which seemed to be ok) and the image-kind I used.

But, don't put much effort in it, like I sais, it seems to be OK now.

(Excuse me for my English, I hope you understand)


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