Articulate variables, triggers and/or javacript - not sure what I need

Mar 16, 2021

Hi ~ I am new to Articulate and would like to create the following scenario.

1. Have a shelf full of items (denoted by markers).

2. Click the marker, add item to the cart. Already added 1 item to cart as example and it happens to be a required course that I want the learner to complete.

3. As items are added to cart, the respective basket is disabled on the shelf.

4. Once ready to check out, click the cart to go to new layer.

5. The new layer shows list of shopping cart items added to cart. (Wish list item: Would love to be able to add/remove items but at this point, I would be happy to see items listed here).

6. As the list is assembled, would like to add associated URL or link to specific slide to show more information.

Would this be possible in Storyline 3 using variables, triggers and/or javascript?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kim "Newbie"


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Math Notermans

Aha, an inventory system. As i am working on gamification elements for Storyline...this is one of those i am gonna develop. I donot see ( anyone correct me if im wrong ) a solution without the use of Javascript. When i have a 'inventory system' working, i will show. And yes its possible, with Javascript for sure...

Phil Mayor

Javascript is the way to go here is something I built a long time ago. This creates a list

The javascript is a bit of mess as I built this and added functions instead of rebuilding.

The key is to concatenate and add line breaks, this won't remove, but that should be a simple replace

Example here