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Will Barnard

I'm having the same problem.  I have uninstalled, repaired and re-installed a few times but I've discovered that the problem seems to lie somewhere with my account settings?  If I open Articulate Storyline either using an administrator or guest account it will open perfectly fine whilst my login gets the attached picture pop-up?

Will Barnard

Hi Ashley,

   Yes, I installed the program using the main administrator account (my account also has administrator privileges) and I haven't managed to get as far as activating it yet as I've never got it working for my account :D

   I am in the process of finding out if my account has some hidden restrictions and I'll make sure to pop up the answer if there is one for other people having this issue.

Will Barnard

Just to update this.  After many long hours we've pinned it down to the following:

   My account is a roaming one throughout the college and not locally sourced from my PC whilst the college-wide admin and guest accounts will save to the PC and become temporary local (I have no idea why/how this is better?) so it's trying to run Articulate through the network which it won't do.  

   So now I have to run as the admin account and save the files through the network and onto my PC's shared LocalTemp folder (I have no idea why/how this is better either?).

Here's hoping that when we get Storyline 2 it'll start working proper like :D

Jeff Del Monte

I have an even stranger problem.  I've repaired, reinstalled, completely uninstalled and installed anew, used the clean tool, everything.  When I launch Storyline it gets to the opening window and just freezes.  I have to use the task manager to close it.  It uses memory (about 60MB) but no CPU.  I can also continue to launch additional sessions while the frozen screen is still open.  I'm on a standalone computer so no network issues.

I do see a flash of something in the background right after the window opens, like it's trying to open itself and then fails.  I've tried compatibility for Windows 8.1, 8, and 7 with no luck.  I have double-checked my .Net to ensure 3.5 is installed and running.