Articulates SCORM wrapper calls...Question?

Jun 11, 2014

Hi Storyline peoples,

I am looking at developing html5 games in Construct2 and I wanted to be able to use the calls to the (articulate SCORM wrapper) from functions built into the games. Has anybody had experience in doing this. It doesn't have to have been Construct2 specific. I just need a lead with regards to how one might do this. Storyline developers maybe you get what I am asking for.

I look forward to any responses.


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Luke ODonnell

Hi Ashley,

I was hoping that storyline communicates with LMS SCORM functions via an xml wrapper much the same way Captivate does. So there must be some way to call to the LMS via the wrapper from Construct2. The calls would state when an elearning module had started, finished or was part the way through. That way I could put a call to the wrapper xml on buttons or other functions. As I am a keen Construct2 developer and also building modules in Storyline and other software. I could marry the two to make unique gamified learning.

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