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Feb 14, 2014


I'm having an issue in Storyline where some of my graphics do not show in preview or when published but they are all present and visible on the slides and in story view.  However, the bizarre thing with this is I am using Storyline across 2 PCs.  When opening the exact same story file, on one of the PCs everything displays and publishes correctly but on the other one some of the graphics disappear.

Has anyone come across anything like this before?

So far I've tried saving different versions of the story file with different names but this has had no effect.



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Dennis Hall

Hi Kevin:

I had one specific single slide story file, where I was displaying about 32 PNG files in one slide. The PNG files were all created from one PSD file where I saved each individual layer for web (making each PNG file the size (dimensions) of the whole project. The files basically built up the complete picture layer by layer.

When I played the project in preview and published modes, the results were that about 10 of the PNG files displayed, then with each new PNG displaying, the ones first loaded start unloading.

I had realized the reason for this was simply that I was trying to do too much on one slide. PNG files are great high quality images, however, they are large (in file size) and the Flash player does have limitations. I had adjusted my Flash player to maximize it's ability to handle displaying so many large PNG files, but it made no difference. I also had moved some PNG files to layers to try to illuminate this and found no difference.

The solution was to go back to Photoshop and save the individual layers a GIF. Everything worked great after that.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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