Can't preview or publish on work pc

Jan 21, 2013


I work in a large organisation that has standard desktop/windows 7 system installs and locked down user accounts.  On my main computer I have local adminstrator rights and installed storyline myself and have no problems with the software previewing and publishing.

However on the second computer (and on two of my collegues pcs' with different licenses) it was installed via an automatic deployment and we are not administrators.  When trying to preview any storyline, even a single slide with a single text box the preview screens hang with the progress bar only part way across.  When trying to publish the screen flashes quickly without showing the progress bar or the publish successful dialog box. it looks like it creates the folder structure for the output whereve I specify, but only the thumbnail file is created. It does publish to word though.

I have tried copying the storyling to a local hard drive.  We have tried on different user account and different pcs.  I couldn't find any settings where storyline is storing temp files and we are using the same version of flash accross all machines (11,5,502,110) . We also tried uninstalling the storyline deployment and having the IT guy use the administrator account to install.

Has anyone else encountered the same thing or have any ideas on a solution?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi David,

When launching Storyline, are you able to right-click and select "Run as Administrator"? I know you mentioned it was installed under an admin account, but you may need to access the file with the appropriate rights. 

You also mentioned that you copied the content on to the hard drive. Please make sure that all content for the project is on your local drive when you're editing or previewing, or publishing output for the course. Work on your local drive (your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, including file corruption, loss of audio, and other unexpected behavior. 

You should also make sure the directory path to your project files and your published output is less than 260 characters (for example C:\Articulate). Avoid using special characters, accents or symbols in your file names.

Additional information regarding "Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces" in Windows operating systems can be found in the following Microsoft article.

If the issue continues, can you tell me if this is happening with a specific project? If so, can you try to create a new, blank project, and see if the same problem occurs when previewing or publishing?


David Martin

Thanks for the reply Christine.  I don't have the run as administrator option on this machine. Installing as admin was one of the troubleshooting steps the IT guys did, though the pc i'm on now used a packaed deployment.

The software on this pc fails to publish or preview on any storyline, including a brand new file that has 1 slide with 1 text box on it saved, and publish folder set to the C: drive.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning David,

Thanks for the additional information. If you haven't already, please follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in this support article. If you're still unable to publish or preview after following those steps, please go ahead and submit a support case with us so we can take a closer look at what's going on.

Thanks David!


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