Assigning multiple targets in Drag and Drop scenario in Storyline 360?

Nov 06, 2020

Hi all,

I'm creating my first project in Storyline and am stumped!

I created a drag and drop scenario of Do's and Don'ts.  All the Do's and Don't are assigned their own specific row.  I was able to assign a target for each object, but couldn't figure out how to assign multiple targets.  So if a "Do" is targeted in the correct row but the learner puts it in a different box then assigned it's marked wrong.  I want to set it such that the learner can put the object in any box within the correct row.

There is probably a very simple way to do this but am not seeing it.

Please advise.


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Katie Riggio

Hello John,

Congrats on your first project! That sounds like a neat design.

Are you comfortable with sharing the .story file publicly for a closer look? That way, we can review the current build to offer more tailored guidance to meet your goal.

In the meantime, another approach is to create a freeform pick-one question simulating a drag-and-drop:

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