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Lisa Pastoor

Thanks for the reply @Rutwin - I see now how to reset values.

Now I'm running into an issue where the learner can still select the opposite choice, but the variable value doesn't change because it was initially set by the first click.

(click all the responses in the right column then click on the grayed out icons to "correct" the responses) Ultimately, restricting the learner from clicking on anything else after the first choice would be ideal, but I'm not sure I can do that.

My client doesn't want the next arrow to show until the learner scores 100% on the interaction -- mind you it's an easy quiz, so I'm not sure how many people will get this wrong anyhow. But, for QA's sake I want to make it work the way it was requested.

I'm attaching my story file in case someone wants to travel down this rabbit hole with me. My brain hurts. ugh.

Maybe this will help someone else out too.

Michael Hinze

Hi Lisa, have a look at the attached file, which I think simplifies your setup (less variables, less triggers, no need for the Reset Layer). For each question, you can now only make one selection at a time. Only if a user gets 2 points on each of the five question, does the Next arrow show up. Button states and variables are reset by clicking the Try Again button. It's late in the evening and I may have misunderstood something in your logic, sorry in advance