Attaching Resources (new window)

Mar 23, 2023


Does Storyline have an option to launch the "resources" button in a separate window rather than default to a browser tab? Launching the resource(s) into a new tab causes issues with our LMS. The ability to launch the resource window in a "new window" would solve this problem. Thanks.

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Kelly Auner

Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out!

There isn't a setting in Storyline to ensure resources open in a new window rather than a new tab, as this is based on the specific browser's configuration. In addition to what Robert shared, here are two discussions that you may find helpful:

Dave Sundberg

Thank you for the information. I will probably go with the "lightbox" version of launching external PDF documents to a separate window. The javascript version isn't as elegant because it doesn't include a drop down list of document(s) (I could build an html page to simulate the drop down list but I shouldn't have to). Please include a checkbox or some option to launch to a separate window in a future version of SL.

The "lightbox" version isn't as elegant but is functional. If the "lightbox" allowed it to be 100% of the "stage" it would look almost seamless but the fact that it uses only about 80% of the screen when launched looks a little odd.


Dave Sundberg

Until Articulate includes this option and to fix the issue we are having with our LMS, I have decided not to use the lightbox. I just built another "scene" and replicated the look of the "resources" drop down that comes with the built-in version. This way I could add buttons and include the triggers to the documents and have them open in another window. It looks much better than the "lightbox" and it works well. So, I created a new "Resources" button in the player and then added a trigger to jump to the "Resources" scene I created. By leaving the previous button trigger to "jump to previous slide" it brings the user back to the page they selected "Resources" from. It is seamless.