Attempts limit on quiz questions not working

Sep 04, 2012

I have a handful of freeform quiz questions in my file. They are all either "Pick One" or "Drag and Drop" questions. On all of them, they are set to score "By Question," and have the Attempts set to 1. However, when the file is run, you can attempt each question an unlimited number of times.

Is there something I'm unaware of that could be interfering with the Attempts limit? I do have other triggers attached to the objects in the questions. For example, the "Pick One" questions require the user to pick 1 of 3 graphic objects. When one is selected there are triggers that fire, causing a layer to appear, which contains feedback text and graphics.

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Craig Lee

I am also having an intermittent problem with publishing Quizmaker quiz questions with unlimited attempts, only in the opposite circumstance: I want unlimited tries and have set my settings to Feedback by question, Score by Question, Shuffle answers, and Unlimited attempts. I was careful to have "Submit one question at a time" in the Player Template Navigation tab. I have followed the documentation. The quiz output, however, varies with each successive publishing, even after all previously published files are deleted. Sometimes the quiz will allow only 1 response (in most cases), but in a subsequent publishing with no settings changed, it will allow unlimited responses as expected from the settings. In either case, when the quiz is published to Word, the resulting output file shows each question set to "unlimited attempts." This is true even when the published HTML output does not allow unlimited attempts. Any thoughts on how to ensure this setting works?

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